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My first flight in my life straight to Krakow airport

It was something amazing for me. I have never flown by plane before! At the beginning I was quite stressed, but after take off and undoing the belts, everything passed. The staff on the plane was very nice and helpful. Especially that the flight lasted only 2 hours, because this time I was heading to Krakow. The capital of Malopolska, the former capital of Poland and world famous city of students, artists and the Wawel Dragon.

My final destination was the Wieliczka Salt Mine. I never had the opportunity to be there before. And I read so many interesting facts about this place on the Internet, that I finally decided to go there. As soon as I saw cheap tickets to Krakow, I thought it was just the right time.


I meticulously studied the internet offers early on, which included the whole package of sightseeing in Krakow, airport transfers and also a trip to Wieliczka. I found the perfect offer for me:

I also found a super hotel located in the heart of the Jewish district of Kazimierz. Very elegant, unique and for quite a low price. I checked how to move around by public transport, because I don’t like to move blindly in a strange city. I am afraid that I will get lost with my poor orientation in the area. However the city is perfectly communicated and marked so I could plan everything in advance

Popular places

Once upon a time there was supposedly an „artistic” juxtaposition of two words: auschwitz and ville, symbolizing the two most popular excursions that foreigners take when visiting Krakow. Around every corner you can see buses of private tour companies picking up dozens of people from many of Krakow’s accommodations and then quickly rushing down Wielicka Street towards the desired tourist destination.

Salt, salt everywhere!

One of the most interesting places in the Krakow area is the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Wieliczka has been famous for its salt for 700 years when the first enterprise was established here in Poland. There are numerous chambers, for example, the beautiful Chapel of St. Kinga, underground lakes and salt mines. Kinga, underground lakes and salt sculptures that arouse admiration. This place has already been visited by 45 million tourists from around the world. A visit to the amazing interiors of the Wieliczka Salt Mine is an amazing and unforgettable experience.

After a short trip from Krakow we arrived at the mine. Oh, what a range of sounds it was! What a language I didn’t hear that day. The whole world is in Wieliczka, you can hear, see and feel it. The Chinese are eating some rice on a bench, the Spanish are hiding some pebbles they found next to the lawns, the Ukrainians are starting a party, the English don’t know what’s going on and the Germans are standing at attention in a tight row. The ticket offices for foreigners are well marked, in fact, you do not have to think about anything, because you immediately see a huge queue. Fortunately, we had already purchased tickets for the price of the entire trip.

When we finally went inside, you could feel the excitement in the air…not only mine :). The first stage is really interesting, because until you turn your head you go down and down the wooden stairs, and when you lean your head out of the railing you can only see the black endless depths.

What can we see?

A trip to the Salt Mine includes a descent underground to a depth of 135 meters. The entire route is about 3 kilometers and 800 stairs. A winding corridor leads each group along with a local guide. Along the way they talk about the history of the mine and its secrets. Kinga – one of the saints who lived in Poland, the legend associated with her and the chapel built in her honor. On the shore of one of the brine lakes you can watch a light show accompanied by the sounds of Chopin’s music. These are places where the Polish climate and Polish sensitivity are particularly perceptible.

Wieliczka is probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, it certainly made one of the greatest impressions on me. I have been there twice but each time it makes the same huge impression. If anyone hasn’t visited this place I highly recommend it, it really is world class. Do I consider the Wieliczka mine to be an exceptional place? Yes, it is without a doubt an extraordinary place.

For whom such a trip?

The Wieliczka Salt Mine offers guided tours for any interested group. Apart from the standard tourist route, there is also the mining route, the brine route, the school route and the pilgrimage route. Each of them is a separate adventure. See also the Cracow Saltworks Museum. Here, as a curiosity, you can admire a collection of salt shakers from all over the world. The Saltworks Castle dates back to the 13th century and for many years it was the center of life for the Wieliczka Salt Mine employees. It is worth knowing that both the Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Saltworks Castle have been recognized as UNESCO treasures.

Will I come back there?

Maybe not necessarily to the mine, once is enough. But to Krakow definitely yes! Returning to the airport with JTP Group chauffeur I was already planning to come back at the next opportunity. Preferably in summer, to get energy from the bustling city and interesting people. And there are really a lot of them here. Besides, there is still so much to see… And during the summer I can also go cycling or kayaking down the Vistula River. I can’t wait 🙂

Being in Krakow, it’s worth visiting the Salt Mine. It is a unique journey in time and space – to the underground world and the Middle Ages. School trips to Wieliczka are one of the basic attractions of almost all Polish children. Tourists from all over the world also come here.

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